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      在2019年,女性在这个世界上很明显拥有着越来越平等的力量。女人的力量终于得到了欣赏,女人也得到了她们应得的机会!你知道吗?最初取名,只有男人才有名字!而女人则被称为男人的兄弟或女儿。后来,男性英文名的女性版本开始被使用,比如Georgina, Philippa和 Henrietta。接着,女性开始使用花的名称和颜色做名字,如“Rose”和“Violet”,当圣经被传向世人时强对应的英文名,更多的女性名字被介绍。给女性取英文名是一件非常特别的事情!

      In 2019, it is clear that women are very much an equal force in this world. Feminine strength is finally being appreciated and women are getting the chances they deserve! Do you know that at the beginning of English names, only men got given names! Women were just referred to as the brother or daughter of a man. Eventually feminine versions of names male names began to come into use like - Georgina, Philippa, and Henrietta. Later women began using names of flowers and colors like “Rose” and “Violet”, and when the bible was introduced, more feminine names were introduced. A female name is an incredibly special thing!


      This is the name that is going to represent you throughout your whole life! You absolutely want something that people respect. It can already be hard enough for women in the world, do not let your English name be an unnecessary road block. Some of our favorite types of female names are the ones that feel feminine and lovely, but that have a strength and force to them. These are usually names that have a long history or a connection to something unique and magnificent. If you are choosing a name for yourself or your daughter, its important to pick a name that will represent a strong feminine woman!


      Here are some names that are both feminine and strong!